• Total hydrocarbon pollution reduced by 50%

Total hydrocarbon pollution reduced with 50%

INFUSER’s groundbreaking CLIMATIC solution wipes out smell and reduces pollution from an oil separation plant in Denmark.

Jysk Miljørens A/S took a strong lead in fighting pollution when they ordered the world´s first Atmospheric-Photochemical-Accelerator, a new and ground breaking air purification technology from INFUSER. From now on, all air pollutants at Jysk Miljørens will be treated photochemically rather than diluted through the factory’s 35 meter tall chimney.

Jysk Miljørens A/S receives 60-80,000 tons of oil polluted waste water from ships every year. Their main business is to separate the oil into recycled and purified fuel oil. The company is located in Aarhus harbor close to the city center, and because of their residential neighbors Jysk Miljørens A/S has faced challenges over the years due to air pollution from the oil separation process. Jysk Miljørens A/S’ emits up to 15,000 cubic meters of waste air per hour.

The exhaust contains high concentrations of polluting hydrocarbons including a number of smelly sulphur components. This has caused dissatisfaction with nearby residents, and is of concern to the company’s management.

Jysk Miljørens A/S accepted the challenge and started the search for a new and sustainable solution. A solution that would not only remove obnoxious smells, but also significantly reduce pollution from hydrocarbon emission

INFUSER and the University of Copenhagen joined forces to help Jysk Miljørens A/S. Together they tested air emissions in order to identify the appropriate solution based on the patented Atmospheric-Photochemical- Accelerator.

The CLIMATIC design installed at Jysk Miljørens.

The air purification unit installed at Jysk Miljørens has a volume of 50 cubic meters. The installation is 10 meters long, and polluted air from the factory’s three processing areas is led through the purification unit for treatment.

The installation is constructed into five modules, each module comprising a special function related to the natural photochemical purification process. The polluted air is led through each module, where the pollutant compounds are exposed to water vapor, different stages of atmospheric reagents, as well as ultraviolet lights (sunlight) treatment. The accumulated pollution particles are captured and removed by a dedicated electrostatic precipitator and catalysts.

The total weight of the installation is under 5 tons, allowing it to be placed on the factory roof and plugged into the general ventilation system without the need for major infrastructural changes.

The INFUSER design is modular. The modules can be assem¬bled into a custom solution depending on the desired emissions control. Each module is produced using special gas resistant panels so they can be shipped and assembled on-site. All the technology developed for the purpose is monitored by PLC systems allowing both on-site and remote monitoring.


Jysk Miljørens production
Monitoring the processes